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The battle of the writers: Why you should use human writers over AI writing tools

The battle of the writers: Why you should use human writers over AI writing tools

We’ve all heard about Artificial Intelligence or (AI). In fact, it’s likely that most of us have encountered AI without even knowing it.

AI technologies have been around for a long time and have been used to carry out tedious and repetitive tasks like data mining and information processing. But now, AI has entered the world of SEO. Companies are using Artificial Intelligence to push the use of AI-powered writing tools in the hopes of taking shortcuts on creating SEO-friendly content. That’s right, tools that automatically write your blog content for you.  

The development of AI writing tools  

AI technologies have been developing and improving ever since they entered the mediascape, and there is no doubt that these technologies will continue to grow. Using algorithmic techniques to collect and analyse data, AI technologies are producing larger scales of content and at unprecedented speeds.  

AI writing tools are no different. These new tools are generating blog titles, headings, introductions, and paragraphs based off a few simple search terms. However, while this may sound particularly enticing for some, these AI tools ultimately lack the advantages that only the human aspect can bring to writing important and effective blog content.  

The importance of effective blog writing 

As humans, our perceptions and understanding of the world are constructed through narrative. Our brains are particularly wired to understand and respond to stories, and we appreciate content that is engaging and compelling to read. Narrative and storytelling hence play a significant role in the readability and structure of an effective blog.  

However, the need for effective blog writing has been particularly heightened by the scarcity of attention and demand for personalisation within our current media system. Now, more than ever, companies require content that is original, creative, and distinct to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, our current environment demands the intelligence and creativity of human writers which AI tools cannot begin to comprehend.  

Human writers vs AI writing tools 

Understanding brand voice and crafting stories  

Unlike AI writing tools, humans are natural storytellers. Our intellectual understanding of emotion and expression allows us to craft compelling stories in ways that AI writing tools cannot.  

AI writing tools are restricted by the confinement of basic input features. Therefore, they have limited ability to understand or employ a brand’s specific style of voice, nor structure text in a way that is compelling for readers.  

Instead, through a deeper and more nuanced understanding of expression and emotion, human writers can capture brand voice and create compelling stories that audiences can understand.  

Understanding target audiences 

No target audience is ever the same. Blog content needs to reflect the needs and requirements of a brand’s specific audience to be effective and engage readers. 

While AI writing tools simply craft blog content based on a few simple search terms, human writers consider audience type and can tailor blog content accordingly. 

Through an intellectual understanding of people, human writers can understand a brand’s audience and identify their distinguishing needs. Using a range of writing styles and techniques, human writers can use such an understanding to craft text that is tailored specifically and therefore encourages readership. 

Developing ideas and creating original content  

Compared to AI, humans are creative and active thinkers. AI writing tools have an inability to think, and instead use processing powers to scan and reconstruct text into suggested blog content. Put simply, originality and sentiment are no concern for AI writing tools.  

As storytellers, human writers can craft text in a way that is more engaging and compelling for readers. Using the complexities of the human brain, people can think independently and create rich and engaging text that creatively defines a brand’s personality. 

The Scope Media Difference 

At Scope Media, we believe that everyone has a story to tell. With years of writing experience and being 100 percent human, we are specialists in finding compelling brand stories, and we go above and beyond to deliver stories that are specific to your brand and audience.  

When Scope Media delivers you a blog, you receive a well-crafted article and both on and off-page elements to maximise benefits. Contact us to find out how Scope Media can help share compelling brand stories about your company.  

Written by Scope Media Intern Lucy Smillie

Lucy Smillie
Written by Lucy Smillie