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Skyline Queenstown culls single-use cups

Skyline Queenstown culls single-use cups


12 September 2019. For immediate release 

Skyline Queenstown has culled the use of single-use cups throughout its operation in effort to reduce its environmental footprint.    

The initiative will see a potential 160,000 takeaway cups diverted from landfill each year. Guests can no longer purchase a single-use cup and either need to bring their own cup or purchase a reusable glass cup for a discounted price of $8.00.  

Skyline is retailing the high-quality glass cupfor less than cost price through its Market Kitchen café. Customers who order a coffee with their Skyline cup purchase receive $1.00 off any coffee, as do customers who bring their own cup.  

Skyline Queenstown Operations Manager for Hospitality and Development Pierre Poyet says he is delighted to say goodbye to takeaway cups. 

“This initiative is another step in reducing the impact of single-use plastics on our environment and a way for us to contribute to a more sustainable future,” he says. “We are constantly exploring ways that we can reduce our impact on the environment and this is definitely one of the big ones – 295 million cups are estimated to go to landfill in New Zealand each year and we all need to do our bit to diminish this.” 

Skyline Queenstown removed all single-use cups from the premises on September 1 and the company is set to sell out their first order of 100 reusable cups within the next week or two. As an alternative option to purchasing a reusable cup, Skyline may also introduce a “boomerang” cup programme in the future, where customers are loaned a cup for a nominal feewhich is reimbursed on return of the cup.  

The abolishment of takeaway cups has been well received by staff and customers and Skyline hopes to further reduce its use of other plastics in the coming months. 

“The next items we are hoping to tackle are our smoothie, sushi and salad containers,” Pierre says. “We are currently looking into better ways to serve takeaway meals – we’re committed to finding an intelligent solution that meets our guests’ food and beverage needs as well as looking after our planet. These are all small steps in making a big difference.”  

Skyline Queenstown General Manager Wayne Rose says the company hopes to inspire other local tourism businesses and cafes to follow suit. 

“Skyline Queenstown has a long history of innovation and we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment,” he says. “Sustainable development is very important to us and we continue to investigate and implement new ways to preserve our region and the long-term future of tourism in Queenstown.” 



For further information, please contact: 

Skyline Queenstown General Manager Wayne Rose:
027 435 6461 

About Skyline Queenstown 
Skyline Queenstown is New Zealand’s most popular ticketed attraction with over 2.7 million visitors in the past three years and nearly 20 million visitors since our humble beginnings in 1967. With panoramic views of Lake Wakatipu and the surrounding mountains, there is no better place to experience the beauty of Queenstown than a visit to Skyline Queenstown on Bob’s Peak. 

Accessed by scenic gondola from the heart of Queenstown, Skyline Queenstown offers unforgettable fun for all ages – be it luging on the globally recognised luge tracks, access to mountain biking on the 30 world-class downhill trails or experiencing the best of local and international cuisine high amongst some of the world’s greatest scenery. 

For more information, please visit the Skyline Queenstown website. 

Celia Crosbie
Written by Celia Crosbie
Celia is an award-winning former journalist who has worked for newspapers and radio stations in New Zealand and magazines in the United Kingdom. She has worked in public relations in both NZ and London. Celia also specialises in digital media strategy and website copywriting for SEO.