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Should I use Instagram for my business?

Should I use Instagram for my business?

Instagram is a powerful social media tool and one that you should definitely consider embracing if your audience is on there.

First, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have the resources?
  • Will it work for your business?
  • Can you build a strategy that fits around your business goals?
  • Can you see the long-term benefit?

We always believe in being on the right social media platforms for your business and doing them well, rather than being seen across every platform but only giving it 50%.

If you have chosen Instagram as a tool, here are a few pointers to get you in the right direction.

As marketers we usually want people to do x,y or z but Instagram is great for brand awareness and will lead people to your business/events/products. Brands are getting much more engagement on Instagram now.

Ideally you should be posting everyday with relevant and excellent content related to your business and your audience.

What to post? Here are some ideas on post types and engagement ideas:

  • Pictures of what you’re doing. People love the human connection so interacting with them in your everyday life as a business will help get that engagement and trust
  • Pictures of your location – if you are visiting a different town or seeing clients
  • Photos of events – put them into collages so you don’t overload followers
  • People you meet (Selfies)
  • A day in the life of…
  • Quotes
  • Small blog-type posts that may get people joining the conversation and interacting with your brand
  • Interactive photos asking them to do something like #doubletap. For example, check out this post from @snackguide. Just make sure this is relevant to your business
  • Hashtag content for discovery that’s relevant to your audience. Don’t cram unrelated hashtags into your content – it will turn your followers off
  • Like and comment on other posts related to your business. You can find these by using relevant hashtags.

Here are some great tools that will help you with Instagram posting:

  • is a good creative tool to help you build images to use. Image sizing is either 735×735 or 640×640 Pixels
  • latergramme is a great scheduling tool that allows you to schedule photos and comments right from your desktop. It’s great if you get lots of professional photos coming through – you don’t have to then send and save them to your phone.
  • Use Sprout Social or Hootsuite for Instagram feeds to help you schedule, comment and monitor your posts.

At Scope Media, we love all things social. Contact us with your digital media questions and we’d be happy to help.

Tracey O'Loughlin
Written by Tracey O'Loughlin
Tracey has worked with companies in New Zealand, Canada and Europe to help them design and execute social media and digital strategies. She is a pro in digital advertising, online competitions, social marketing, hands-on social media management and delivering consistent ROI. She provides creative ideas for online advertising and knows how to get the best results.