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Shanton Fashions Limited owes almost $7.8 million to creditors, according to BWA Insolvency

Shanton Fashions Limited owes almost $7.8 million to creditors, according to BWA Insolvency


Creditors of women’s clothing chain Shanton Fashions Limited are owed almost $7.8 million while the business is being advertised for sale in an attempt preserve the brand’s inherent value and make a distribution to creditors.

According to the Administrator’s Report, released to creditors on Monday night by administrator Bryan Williams of BWA Insolvency, creditors’ claims amount to $7.79 million, while total assets – including stock and fixed assets at book value – total $3.35 million.

The deficiency of $4.4 million is “significantly different” to the company directors’ estimate of $693,000, as provided in their report to Williams at the commencement of voluntary administration last month.

The total number of creditors is 206, including the IRD and outstanding holiday pay owed to Shanton employees. There are 155 employees across 37 stores nationwide.

“Both BWA Insolvency and the staff of Shanton are working diligently to maintain operations so that a buyer can continue the business in a manner that they see fit.

But in the end it is up to the secured creditors to decide that outcome and that is out of my hands. My job is to ascertain whether or not the business can contitue in existence and I think we have determined that positively,” Williams says.

The business was advertised for sale on January 30. Nine expressions of interest have been received so far, with a closing deadline of February 24 for all bids. The watershed meeting, required by law, is set down for February 16 but Williams recommends in his report to adjourn the meeting till March 30.

“The reason for my opinion is that a business sale process is in progress and should be allowed to run its course. There are nine parties that have shown genuine interest and the determination of that interest should be fully explored,” Williams adds.


For further information, please contact:
Bryan Williams, Principal, BWA Insolvency – 0800 292 467,

About BWA Insolvency:
BWA Insolvency is a leading Auckland-based, but nationally-operating, insolvency practice. Led by its Principal, Bryan Williams, BWA Insolvency handles receiverships, liquidations and voluntary administrations. BWA Insolvency has been helping businesses – from small entrepreneurs to large corporates – with business issues for more than 20 years. Bryan Williams has established himself as an expert in voluntary administration. His skills have enabled businesses to recover from their insolvency issues, instead of otherwise facing liquidation.

Voluntary administration (VA) is the formal insolvency process adopted where a presumption exists that the business can continue in existence. It is the legal framework that enables the potential for a workout from difficult economic circumstances. Liquidation is terminal in the company’s life whereas VA offers hope of commercial revival brought about through the skills of the administrator to focus and harmonise all the resources of the company into a recovery plan.

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Written by Celia Crosbie
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