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LINK Upper Clutha survey seeks feedback on Wanaka’s future

LINK Upper Clutha survey seeks feedback on Wanaka’s future

February 20, 2017. For immediate release

Wanaka community collaboration incubator LINK Upper Clutha today launches a campaign to find out what people love about this place and how to preserve it in the face of growth.

The ‘3 Questions’ campaign is the latest initiative by LINK – a Government-supported community development scheme focused on connecting people as the region grows.

The three questions are: 1. What do you love about your community? 2. How could it be even better? 3. How could you help?

“As Wanaka grows, we often hear that people don’t want it to change. The survey asks specifically what locals and visitors love about this place – identifying strengths we can build on. Finding out what could be better helps clarify what areas might need attention. And by uncovering people’s skills, talents, and gifts we will learn more about the amazing people of this place and what they can offer,” LINK facilitator Kathy Dedo explains.

“We’ve been talking to community groups and leaders about these issues, and the ‘3 Questions’ survey is an effort to make sure every person who wants to give their ideas has the chance. The survey results will help prioritise the community-led projects to support.”

The survey can be found online at LINK’s new website,, on paper in the Queenstown Lakes District Council’s Scuttlebutt publication, and in person as the LINK team will be out and about asking the 3 Questions face to face. The survey closes on March 6 and LINK will make the data collected publicly available.

Findings will direct LINK’s strategy for community-led projects, and provide context for local authorities in their decision-making.

LINK Steering Group acting chair Ruth Harrison, also a Wanaka Community Board member, says: “The desire for more effective communication and connection across the Upper Clutha has come across loud and clear in our research so far. Our community values its friendly people, environment, and supportiveness. There is a lot of interest and action at the grassroots neighbourhood level that LINK is already supporting.”

“We’re not trying to solve the big, hairy issues facing the Upper Clutha, but to look for the small changes people want to be more connected. Better engagement with each other will lead to better solutions on the big issues.”

The survey follows two other initiatives LINK has sparked since its inception in 2016. In July it began the first comprehensive study of community assets and services in Wanaka and surrounding areas, and in September it brought global community development expert Jim Diers to Wanaka to talk about what it means to build a successful community.


Photo caption:
LINK Upper Clutha facilitator Kathy Dedo (left) with Wanaka Community Board member Ruth Harrison and Mike Toepfer, Aspiring Law Partner and Chamber of Commerce Executive member.


For more information, please contact:
LINK Upper Clutha Facilitator Kathy Dedo: 021 130 6276,

About LINK Upper Clutha
LINK Upper Clutha – formerly known as the Upper Clutha Community Development Scheme – is a locally-driven, central government-supported entity focused on connecting people, organisations and infrastructure to ensure a united approach to community development and social and economic enterprise. LINK’s current steering group members are: Ella Lawton (chair), Celia Crosbie, Brent Harridge, Ruth Harrison, Deb Inder, Kate Murray and Tim Ryan.


Celia Crosbie
Written by Celia Crosbie
Celia is an award-winning former journalist who has worked for newspapers and radio stations in New Zealand and magazines in the United Kingdom. She has worked in public relations in both NZ and London. Celia also specialises in digital media strategy and website copywriting for SEO.