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Innovative new website Wisp grants wishes for Christmas

Innovative new website Wisp grants wishes for Christmas


Wanaka-based company Wisp is taking the hassle out of Christmas shopping this year with the launch of a new website that allows users to create an online gift wish list and share it with friends and family.

The website,, features a convenient “Add to Wisp” bookmarklet which users can add to their browser in one simple step. They then search the internet to select the gifts they would like to receive from any online store around the world, add them to their “Wisplist” and share it with others.

Wisp founder Gemma Thompson says she was inspired to develop the website after receiving too many unused Christmas gifts

“Thousands of us live in small towns in New Zealand, and the reality of these small towns is that they don’t have a lot of shops,” mum-of-two Thompson says. “So after receiving yet another strange-smelling soap and another ‘just not quite right’ patterned scarf, Wisp was born. It’s ideal for everyone to politely convey what they actually really want for Christmas, or for any other special occasion.”

The website is an essential organisational tool for busy parents this Christmas, who can view their children’s Wisplists and purchase the items directly online, without having to waste precious time at shopping malls.

“Wisp is also perfect for other gift-giving celebrations such as birthdays or baby showers,” Thompson adds. “Mums-to-be can compile a Wisplist of the items they really need. Once something has been purchased, this will show on their Wisplist, so she won’t end up with two of the same thing.

“The same goes for weddings – Wisp differs from a traditional wedding registry, however, as you can pick and choose the gifts you want from around the world on the internet, rather than being restricted to just one store’s registry. Simply add the things you love – even if they are from Macy’s or Marks and Spencer – to your Wisplist and they will hopefully end up on your doorstep.”

The site will soon also provide suitable gift suggestions for friends and family, based on their gender and age bracket.


Picture caption: Wisp founder Gemma Thompson

For more information, please contact:
Gemma Thompson – founder:   021 032 9114

About Wisp is an innovative, easy-to-use online shopping tool which allows users to create a “Wisplist” of gifts they really want to receive from anywhere around the world.

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