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The importance of awesome content for your digital media

The importance of awesome content for your digital media

Today, more than ever, businesses need to ensure they have good content on their digital media platforms if they want to create brand awareness.

People today can access information in a number of ways. They are no longer beholden to print or TV media – so to reach them you need to create content that they want to see.

This can act as a blessing and a curse for many businesses. It’s no longer necessary to spend large sums to ensure products are put in front of their target audience. However, more time and energy needs to be invested each week to create the x-factor content that their audience will want to engage with.

While you have access to your customers in ways like never before through social media, you are also competing with an ever-increasing pool of information – so how do you make sure yours gets noticed?

The answer to this is to create awesome content, and do it all the time. You need to develop a company voice and use that voice not just to promote your products but the personality of your brand.

Here lies the sweet spot of digital marketing. Using quality (or just plain fun) content, you can transform your digital and social media channels to become cheap and highly effective lead generators, loyalty builders, FAQ answerers and beyond.

If you see something awesome on your travels through the internet (and the internet is full of awesome things) save it somewhere so you can share it with your audience. It doesn’t have to be related to a product at all – so long as it fits your brand image you can use it.

Make use of images and videos as much as you can. Posts with photos have been shown to be liked twice as much as just text updates, while videos are shared a whopping 12 times more than text and links. (

Write blog posts on your website and ensure that your writing is punchy and easy to read. Keep it conversational and under 500 words if you can. Not only can you use these posts as fodder for social media, but written well they will help ramp up your SEO results.

You have to keep a number of balls in the air at any given time – you need to watch what works and what doesn’t, keep an eye on your competitors, and regularly reach out to your customers and see what works for them.

There simply is no way to avoid the need for good content if you want to compete in today’s digital world, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. Have fun with it, use your sense of humour, and get creative – think ‘what would I like to see?’ Content isn’t going to make itself, so you need to get out there and make it happen.

At Scope Media we pride ourselves on the ability to create great content. Whether you’re looking for a bit of advice on the best strategy to take, or need someone to knock the socks off your clients with well-written copy, we’ve got you covered.

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Celia Crosbie
Written by Celia Crosbie
Celia is an award-winning former journalist who has worked for newspapers and radio stations in New Zealand and magazines in the United Kingdom. She has worked in public relations in both NZ and London. Celia also specialises in digital media strategy and website copywriting for SEO.