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Are you a small business and find it hard to reach the people that matter? Do you have a unique audience? Here are a few helpful tips on how to make your company more visible in your local community & to get your business noticed

Are you a small business and find it hard to reach the people that matter? Do you have a unique audience? Here are a few helpful tips on how to make your company more visible in your local community and to get your business noticed on the biggest social media platform: Facebook.

A picture is worth a thousand words…use videos and photos relevant to your geographic location
Sharing local events or photos can help you get noticed. Your videos or photos don’t have to be professionally done to get results. It gets your name out there and once people start liking your posts, they – and your social media presence – spreads further organically. If people recognise the location, they are more inclined to engage and visit your page to see what you’re about.

Feature your customers and fans
Posting great photos of your customers or encouraging conversations with people in the comments area are both great ways of engaging with your audience. People love seeing themselves somewhere and tagging themselves or friends in the photos/posts, which again helps spread your business to all their friends. People also love it when you thank them or congratulate them. Remember – the more people engage with you and your Facebook page, the more chance your other posts will get seen by them in the future.

Collaborate with other local businesses
Connect with other businesses by sharing, liking or commenting on their posts. If you give them a little love they will more than likely give it back – and this also allows you to spread your business to their fans. Consider doing a cross-promotion with other businesses – it shows you’re working as a community for local people and for goodwill.

Use reviews
These days, many people will always look up a business on Facebook see what promotions they are offering and read reviews. Some people even message through Facebook to ask questions now, as they get a quicker response. Just remember when using reviews, to respond to all reviews – good or bad. If you did get a negative review, try to correct the issue. You may even want to consider leaving an incentive for your customers to leave a review.

Build your email list
This is a good way to publicise a promotion, sale or event to the right audience. Consider offering an incentive on Facebook to get people to sign up to your e-newsletter.

Offer special perks/competitions
People love giveaways. Competitions are a great way to promote your business as this gets your brand out there. Also, if you announce the winners on Facebook it means they have to come back to check the page.

Have a little fun with your posts
Adding a few silly pictures or quotes from time to time is a good thing and will probably get the most traction, it also helps humanize your brand, so go on, have a bit of fun. Just make sure whatever you post is in keeping with your brand’s image. If you’re a slick corporate organisation, think before you post something that does not reflect how you want to be portrayed.

So, to summarise: Produce awesome content, get creative and connect with your customers and other local businesses. The more Facebook engagement means more visibility for your company’s page, which will give you an increase in brand awareness – and this is the first step towards making a sale.

Facebook is the go-to social platform. It’s where people are hanging out and it’s one of the first things they check in the morning – to see what others have been up to, get the news, read stories and watch funny videos, so engagement and visibility play a big part in the overall equation.

The more techniques you can find that work, the more valuable Facebook will become to your business. And if you need help with your digital marketing or social media strategy, contact us – we’d be happy to help.

Written By Celia Crosbie
Celia is an award-winning former journalist who has worked and edited for major print and broadcast media in New Zealand and magazines in the United Kingdom. An Accredited Public Relations professional, Celia also specialises in communications and digital PR strategy, issues and reputation management and crisis communication.

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