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Cruikshank Furniture celebrates 10 years of bespoke design

Cruikshank Furniture celebrates 10 years of bespoke design
Ed Cruikshank
Ed Cruikshank


Arrowtown, New Zealand: Award-winning bespoke furniture designer Ed Cruikshank is celebrating 10 years of running his Arrowtown-based business Cruikshank Furniture.

Ed moved to Queenstown in 2002 from the United Kingdom, where he worked as a designer for the son of Princess Margaret, Viscount Linley, at his company Linley. After establishing Cruikshank Furniture in 2004, Ed has has forged a successful career in New Zealand as a sought-after designer of luxury functional and artistic pieces and is internationally renowned for his work.

Over the past 10 years, Ed has built up the Cruikshank Collection of timeless signature designs alongside his custom-design work – all of which are New Zealand-made from the finest-quality materials with the intent to last generations.

In recognition of Cruikshank Furniture turning 10, Ed has recalled his top 10 design and artistic projects he has been involved in.

1. The Firebrand Poker and Blower: The innovative fire poker, made from a hollow, subtly tapering stainless steel tube, also works as a bellows. “The Firebrand was designed the first year I set up the business here, and it has become a Queenstown icon after 10 years,” Ed says.

2. The Hills golf clubhouse interior: Sir Michael Hill commissioned Ed to design new pieces for the award-winning clubhouse in Arrowtown in 2006. Ed created a bespoke dining table of solid walnut – used as a boardroom table for the NZ Open – club chairs that doubled as dining chairs and a chef’s kitchen table with matching stools.

3. The VvS1 Superyacht interior: Ed was commissioned to design a collection of furniture for the dining and living saloons of Sir Michael Hill’s award-winning superyacht in 2007. Ed had already designed furniture for yacht interiors at Linley. “It was the ultimate bespoke project,” he says.

4. Queenstown Art House interior: Ed was commissioned to design, build and furnish the art gallery wing of a Queenstown home owned by an international art collector in 2010. Ed had never designed a building before so was excited by the challenge. “We designed every subtle little detail. Not many people get to do the whole thing right the way through, so it was fantastic to have the opportunity to take a project from the architectural concept right through to the fine detailing of the furniture.” The bespoke 1821 Roundabout Table also features in the Art House.

5. Roundabout Exhibition: Ed was invited to create a piece for the global Roundabout Exhibition, in 2011. Roundabout featured 108 international fine artists – including fellow Kiwi artists Shane Cotton and Fiona Pardington. Ed designed two metal bookcases, modeled on the Twin Towers, one bearing the Martin Luther King Jr quote: “I have decided to stick with love; hate is too great a burden to bear”, and the other with the message reversed: “I have decided to stick with hate; love is too great a burden to bear.” The messages were written in Ed’s characteristic braille work.

6. Tel Aviv Museum of Art exhibit: The same metal bookcases that Ed designed were also exhibited at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Israel for the second leg of the Roundabout show. “It was a wonderful experience to be showing alongside these world-class contemporary artists in such a prestigious international gallery,” Ed says.

7. The Rees Hotel fit-out: The Rees Hotel is an award-winning luxury hotel in Queenstown and Ed was commissioned to design a collection of handmade furniture for the complex’s 90 luxury apartments, 60 hotel suites in 2008 and reception area. “The idea of the hotel was that it was a high-quality, long-lasting building, and the furniture had to align with that – to be built with longevity in mind. This was easy for me because it matched my design ethos of creating things to last for generations,” Ed says.

8. Art With Heart Christchurch Earthquake appeal: After the devastating Canterbury earthquake of February 2011, Ed felt compelled to raise money for the people of Christchurch. He organised an art auction, featuring works by artists from around the world, which raised more than $100,000 for the cause. “It was all about people working together and helping each other out – a global collaboration,” Ed says.

9. Bistro Gentil interior: The owner of Wanaka’s Bistro Gentil restaurant was in search of “New Zealand’s most comfortable dining chair”, to lengthen the stay of restaurant guests, when he met Ed. Cruikshank Furniture designed and built chairs, tables, cabinetry and the bar and service area in 2012. Ed also created the base for a special Rangi Kipa carved table top, which included a private message in braille.

10. Emerald Bluffs home interior: Charles Anderson, former head of Sovereign Insurance in New Zealand, commissioned Ed to design furniture for his holiday home near Wanaka in 2013. Inspired by the use of recycled timber and stone taken from the site excavation, Ed created furniture that is able to serve more than one function. “Although the pieces were designed for that particular space, I thought about where they might be in years to come. I aim to design pieces that will look good wherever they are now and wherever people take them,” he says.

“It’s hard to believe that 10 years has gone by but when you look back you realise how much you can accomplish in that timeframe. It’s very satisfying and rewarding,” Ed adds.

“We are now ready for the next phase of the business – but we will always continue to create top-quality furniture with honesty and integrity. Cruikshank pieces are meaningful objects that cross the boundary between practicality and art.”



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About Cruikshank Furniture
Established in 2004, Cruikshank Furniture is based in Arrowtown, New Zealand, and is owned by principal designer Ed Cruikshank. Cruikshank Furniture creates timeless bespoke and signature collection furniture pieces that are designed for life. Each piece is made using the finest quality materials by expert craftsmanship, in New Zealand. Cruikshank Furniture has a growing global following and Ed Cruikshank is firmly established as a leading artist in the furniture design scene.

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