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Wanaka Show

The brief for the 2019 Wanaka A&P Show was to help maintain the local goodwill of the Show brand, as the event grows and the Show footprint reaches its capacity. The communications, PR and social media activity was designed to remind people living in the ‘drive zone’ (Christchurch-Invercargill) about the Wanaka Show brand so they felt compelled to go to this fun, iconic event.

Our strategy was to use the Wanaka A&P Show as a platform for discussion around what it means to be a ‘local’ – reinforcing a sense of community and being positioned as the authority on a feel-good community discussion.

We poked fun at the old-school mentality of “being a local” through a series of online videos featuring long-standing, well-known locals, who talked about what it means to be a local. The Wanaka Show is one of those activities that make you ‘local’.

We also undertook stakeholder research to find people’s perceptions of the Show and if they could be improved.

PR results included:

  • 100% strike rate for all press releases and for all story angles developed for specific media – including stories on the Call Me Local campaign.
  • 64 online articles relating to the Wanaka A&P Show from over a four-month period. Potential reach (from online media sources) during this period was 52.1 million.
  • 100% positive online sentiment relating specifically to the Wanaka A&P Show.
  • There were 744 mentions of the Wanaka A&P Show between 1 December 2018 and 16 March 2019 on social media.
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